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These are outstanding professionals and wonderful people. I have personally used them in my own work and recommend them to my clients, who routinely get excellent .

Script Consultants:
   Dolly Gordon: dollygarter@sbcglobal.net
   Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein: http://www.thescriptbroker.com/
   Linda Seger, Script Consultant, Author, Seminar Leader: http://www.lindaseger.com/
   Pamela Jaye Smith: http://www.mythworks.net/

Mythic Structure and Symbolism (For writers, filmmakers):
   Pamela Jaye Smith: http://www.mythworks.net/

Script Brokering (to agents):
   Devorah Cutler-Rubinstein: http://TheScriptBroker.com

Directing Teachers and Coaches:
   Jim Pasternak, specializing in directors getting their projects made: jimpast@flash.net
   Mark Travis: http://travis-johntz.com/
   Judith Weston: http://www.judithweston.com/

Book Editor:
   Brookes Nohlgren: booksbybrookes@earthlink.net

   Eric Hamburg: http://hamburgfoto.com/

Internet Marketing and Communication Coach, Professional Public Speaker:
   Laura Benjamin: http://www.LauraBenjamin.com/

Other Resources:

Depending on your needs, I may be able to help you with additional sources in a variety of areas.

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