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I founded Judith Claire Counseling in 1978. My specialty is providing personal, career and relationship counseling and coaching for members of the film & entertainment industry, creative thinkers and spiritually-motivated professionals.

My clients and I are committed to making dreams come true. Having an experienced counselor and coach on their team, guiding and believing in them, makes their personal, career and relationship goals attainable, faster.

Success doesn't happen by accident.

Success requires confidence, motivation, risk-taking, overcoming blocks and promoting yourself to the right people. It requires planning, organizing your time, and following through.

By looking at specific strengths and weaknesses, I understand what is needed to move you forward. Using my powerful and sometimes unconventional processes and tools, I create personalized step-by-step plans for each client to succeed. It brings me great joy to see to my clients blossom and realize their dreams.


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