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Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling for Professionals With Spiritual Values

Spiritual individuals need more than what conventional counseling and coaching offer. We need work that addresses us at our core, goes deep, and recognizes and utilizes the power of Spirit. Our success is more than material. It includes growth, transformation and contributing to the well- being of others.

We're pragmatists because we know Spirit is the creative source and if we want to heal or to manifest anything, we'd better start from It. We're also optimists because we believe we can make our lives reflect our awareness that Spirit is joyful, loving, peaceful, giving, creates abundantly and manifests easily.

Our drive to bring Light into our lives and into the world can, however, be sorely tested. Life with a body, mind and spirit, plus emotions, plus billions of other people does present innumerable challenges. There are internal and external chaos, reactivity, ego, greed, mental and physical illness, suffering, loss and death, to name a few. Less dramatically, there are competition and ever-changing social, economic and business conditions that constantly challenge our aspirations.

Professionals with Spiritual Values

Whether they are joyfully creating or confronting daily trials, my clients with spiritual values share the desire to come from Spirit and to act from the highest good. No one's perfect and we all have a ways to go, but these clients work hard. Bettering themselves and hence, helping others, is their commitment and their lifetime practice.

Although they come from diverse paths and professions, they agree that their lives are spiritual journeys and deal with their choices and obstacles from this perspective. They take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and results.

I love doing personal, career and relationship counseling or coaching with professionals with spiritual values. Not only are they smart and brave, but their understanding makes them easy for me to help. This translates into .

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405

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