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Judith Claire is a master at getting to the heart of it, whatever "it" is.
Brookes Nohlgren, Writer/Editor

Judith Claire is a master at getting to the heart of it, whatever "it" is. She cuts through blocks and limitations and helps you to expand into your true being. I am grateful for her help in moving beyond painful personal issues and look forward to continuing my work with her to reach my highest dreams. Thank you, Judith.

Brookes Nohlgren, Writer/Editor

Going to Judith was clearly an example of the teacher appearing when the student is ready. I had permitted an oppressive, unhappy, controlling boss to dictate who I was. Working with Judith, I found ways to confront both the person and my negative responses. Equally empowering and transformational were learning tools that gave me a new framework for interacting with people in the workplace. I moved away from behavior that was stagnating my life and got an executive-level position with another organization that was more supportive and appreciative of my skills and talents. It also paid better...much better.

Ed Mervine, Director, Enrollment Management and Student Financial Aid

Do you need a great listener to make changes in your life? Judith Claire is that exceptional listener who, to quote Nelle Morton, can "hear into your own speech" and help you make the choices you most need. I highly recommend her!

Susan Maloney, Ph.D., President, Academy of Religion/Western Region, Former Chair, M.A. Program in Feminist Spirituality, Immaculate Heart College Center

When I went to Judith for career counseling, I was pleasantly surprised by her generous and supportive spirituality. Regardless of my own lifelong, extensive spiritual studies and training, she quickly helped me realize I had a skewed spiritual perspective about abundance. Using timeless truths and specific, practical tools, she helped me straighten that out and see how to manifest my true Purpose joyfully and abundantly. Within one year, my income doubled.

Pamela Jaye Smith, Mythologist; Speaker; Certified Teacher of the Mystery Schools; Founder, MYTHWORKS-Applied Mythology for Enhanced Reality; Author, Inner Drives: How to Write and Create Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation

During our relatively short time together, Judith Claire provided me with a set of tools and a number of personal insights which allowed me to better define, focus and energize my career. For those ready to learn, willing to listen - and prepared to work diligently toward their goals - the Judith Claire experience holds the potential to offer something significant and transformational.

Christian Hellum, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, Ascent Media

Three months ago, my father passed away, then my relationship with my boyfriend ended abruptly. I would have been a complete mess if it weren't for Judith and the amazing work we did before these losses. She helped me confront difficult inner truths in unforgettable moments that were truly empowering and enlightening. The tools she helped me craft allow me to handle every situation in a positive, effective, healthy way. I am thankful for surrendering for help when I did and for the profound impact Judith has in my life, personally and professionally.

Regina Fong, Branch Manager, Western Region Property Management

Judith is a person of complete integrity and clear intent. As a counselor, she gets right to the core in surprisingly efficient ways. She seems to specialize in shifting those insidious beliefs and feelings that otherwise feel impossible to disconnect from. Using a variety of methods, Judith found a balance between the pragmatic and the emotional and corrected what I previously believed to be uncorrectable.

Frank Sacco, Feature Film Producer

Judith Claire has an ability to listen and "see" into both my mind and heart and "hear" between my ideas, thoughts and feelings. Through working with her for several months I was able to more readily focus on my strengths and see my life's path for the work that would express my life's mission, keep me close to my Higher Power and excite me every day. Judith is a multi-talented woman whose ability to relate to and bring out the best in others is both rare and unique.


Before my counseling with Judith, I was broke, lonely and depressed. As a writer/producer I had lost or squandered every job opportunity in " the business" that I ever had. I secretly believed I was cursed. Judith showed me that I wasn't cursed: I simply had never developed the tools a talented person needs to know in order to build a successful career. I began to make calls, the ones that I had always put off and began to follow through with the people I contacted-even when I couldn't guarantee the outcome.

I soon got my first directing job-and guess what? Because of my work with Judith, I realized that is not what I wanted to do with my life. I am now a teacher and a mentor. I feel truly useful and am no longer exclusively wrapped up in myself and my imagined needs. I am spiritually rich and very happy with myself and my new life.

Andy Ruben, Professor of Filmmaking, Florida State Film School (Ranked in the top 10 in the world)

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