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Business Counseling and Coaching for Professionals with Spiritual Values

Purposes are the core instinctual drives that motivate us to act. They are the reasons we are here on Planet Earth, our "Missions" - what we've always wanted to Be, Do, and Have.

When we know our Purposes and are expressing them, we feel motivated, involved and satisfied. A source of inspiration, they give us the courage to create and the determination to overcome obstacles - both of which are very handy in business. When don't know our Purposes or aren't expressing them, our lives feel aimless, empty and meaningless.

Our businesses are major ways in which we express our Purposes. Through them, we get a chance to make magic-to actualize our immaterial personal visions. They are an important part of our journeys, significant spheres of influence where we can learn how to create abundance through principled choices, and through life -enhancing products and services that bring us joy.


There are generally two very different types of business personalities-those who like working as part of a team within a company structure and those who have to "do their own thing."

My business clients consist of:

  • Business Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, Sole Practitioners and Self-Employed Professionals

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405

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