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Why Spiritual People Come to Me

While my spiritual clients have some challenges that are unique to them, they also have other issues that are routinely addressed in personal, career and relationship coaching and counseling. Either way, they get the best results when their spiritual understanding is part of the solution.

Spiritual problems I have helped solve include:

Spiritual Problems

  • Finding your true purposes
  • How to be of service doing something you love
  • How to create products or services that enhance the world
  • Crisis of faith
  • Being too reactive to apply what you know spiritually
  • Creating a healthy balance of body, thought and Spirit
  • Not coming from ego
  • Not being seduced by power
  • Staying true to your ethical standards and dealing with those who find them "unrealistic."
  • Putting values before greed in a greedy culture
  • Dealing with pressures to create harmful, but "commercially viable" products or services
  • Treating people with human dignity when your business culture just wants to exploit them.
  • Dealing with those who consider your visions impractical and idealistic
  • Leading and inspiring others to work for the "Greater Good."
  • Finding like-minded people to do business with
  • How to manifest abundance

The basic personal, career and relationship issues I have addressed are listed in detail in the following pages.

Counseling and Coaching

I handle some problems using cutting-edge techniques that help my clients find and free themselves from deeply-rooted harmful emotions, beliefs and patterns.

Other problems need to be solved by . Here I advise, teach skills, and use effective personal, career and relationship tools to get results.

Based on your particular needs, I'll use one or the other or both. The beauty of this holistic approach is that it provides release and healing, which frees and opens you, as well as providing the pragmatic building blocks to make your visions real.

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405


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