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Career Counseling and Coaching for Professionals with Spiritual Values

One answer to the age-old question of "why am I here?" is: "to fulfill my Purposes." Purposes are the core instinctual drives that motivate us to act. They are our "Missions", what we've always wanted to Be, Do, and Have.

Being in alignment with our Purposes is a key to happiness.

When we are in alignment with our Purposes, we are motivated, involved and satisfied. We intuitively know we are moving in the right direction and can make clear choices. When we're not aligned, we feel lost, empty and that our lives have no meaning. Without our inner rudder to guide us, we don't know where we're going and find choices difficult to make.

Since your career is a major expression of your Purposes, it is vital to know what they are and to make sure your work reflects them. That's my number one priority. If or when that's not an issue, the next steps are doing whatever is appropriate to maximize your potential and enable you to achieve your goals.

As a counselor and coach, I have helped numerous clients deal with nuts-and-bolts career issues, including:

Career Problems

  • Are in transition
  • Want to move to the next level
  • Were successful, but are now going through a lull
  • Know what you want to do but don't know how to do it
  • You need a plan
  • Need to build a network but you don't know how
  • Want a promotion
  • Want a raise
  • Need to get more work
  • Finding the "right" job for you
  • Don't know how to market your product or yourself
  • Don't understand how to negotiate
  • Dealing with difficult people and environments


I have also helped spiritual professionals resolve tough personal issues that, in turn, impact their careers.

Personal Problems

  • Lack or loss of confidence
  • Lack or loss of drive
  • Negative patterns
  • Fear
  • Traumatized by past experiences
  • Upsets, disappointments, and losses
  • Burnt- or stressed-out
  • No time for a life

Being spiritual, you are keenly aware that you are here to make your life count. One of my Purposes is to help you do that.

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405


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