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Counseling and Coaching for Business Professionals With Spiritual Values

Business is people as much as it is products - the people we work for and with, and the people we sell to. A big part of our success is our ability to deal positively and effectively with all the different types of individuals we encounter.

When we are aligned with our Purposes, we feel our lives have meaning. When we're not, we feel hollow.

Operating in an office, company, or corporate environment provides ample opportunity to show us which people skills we have and which we need to learn. It's a lifetime study in handling problems, raising morale, and keeping the inspiration alive so we can create a product or service.

As spiritual people, ethical behavior, uplifting our environment, and treating people fairly are important to us. If we intend to make an impact, we need to learn how to do that in a workplace where others don't necessarily hold to our standards.

As a business coach, I have helped my clients overcome many problems, including:

Business Problems

  • Communication difficulties
  • Leadership skills
  • Learning how to read people
  • Establishing a supportive network within your company
  • Staff problems
  • Hiring and firing
  • Ageism, racism, sexism
  • Handling difficult bosses
  • Recognizing and dealing with toxic personalities
  • New senior
  • Change of company ownership
  • Dealing with the bureaucracy
  • Handling demanding Boards of Directors
  • Negotiation skills
  • Not enough staff
  • Handling emergencies
  • Unrealistic production expectation
  • Increasing sales or production


As a counselor, I have helped professionals with spiritual values resolve tough personal issues, which in turn, impact their careers and businesses.

Personal Problems

  • Lack or loss of confidence
  • Lack or loss of purpose, drive
  • Negative patterns
  • Fear
  • Traumatized by past experiences
  • Upsets, disappointments, and losses
  • Burnt- or stressed-out
  • No time for a life

You have meaningful Purposes and many special gifts with which to accomplish them. With the right training and help, you can gain new skills and achieve faster, better .

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2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405

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