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Hollywood Entertainment & Film Industry Career Counseling and Coaching

Every hero or heroine needs a worthy opponent to make a good story. So, here we are. On one hand we have Hollywood and the obstacles it is famous for, and, on the other, we have us, and our deep-seated drives to express ourselves and give to the world the products or services we love. The power of the latter cannot be underestimated.

Why My Career Counseling and Coaching Clients Come To Me

Having been a career counselor and coach for as many people as I have since 1978, I can safely say I am familiar with and have helped my clients solve numerous entertainment industry-related problems, including:

Career Problems

  • Getting started in the business
  • Not from Hollywood
  • Lost track of your true purposes
  • Needing a career plan
  • Needing to get more work
  • Blocked - creatively or professionally
  • Wanting to move to the next level
  • Being in transition
  • Having been successful, but now going through a lull
  • Difficulty transitioning from one profession to another
  • Trouble moving from one medium to another
  • No idea of what the next step is
  • Don't know how to market your product or yourself
  • Need to build a network but don't know how
  • Don't understand how to negotiate
  • Finding the "right" job for you
  • Burnt- or stressed-out
  • Dealing with difficult people and environments
  • Want a life, not just a career


  • Evaluating scripts, reels, short films, movies, etc.
  • Improving them
  • Creating new product
  • Pitching

As a counselor, I have helped my clients resolve tough personal issues, which impact both their personal lives and their careers.

Personal Problems

  • Lack or loss of confidence
  • Lack or loss of purpose, drive
  • Upsets, disappointments, and losses
  • Negative patterns
  • Fear

Our industry is challenging and there's a lot to confront on the road to success. It's not surprising we may need help along the way. I provide a safe, supportive environment where you can talk and be heard, face your issues, strategize, learn what to do, how to do it, achieve better, faster and create success.

, Los Angeles Entertainment & Film Personal and Career Counseling and Coaching 310-395-1088

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405


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