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My Approach to Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling and Coaching

Here in Hollywood, "The Hero's Journey" is a mythic structure that is frequently used in storytelling. In it, our flawed heroes or heroines descend into hell and battle inner and outer demons. By doing so they learn, acquire abilities, become more courageous, develop character, and correct their fatal flaws. Only then can they defeat the dark side and accomplish their goals. The reason it is such compelling storytelling is that it often parallels our own journeys.

While that's fun to watch on the screen, it's not so much fun when it's happening to us. Suffering isn't highly valued, but it can motivate us to change. We need to Be the person who is able to Do what is necessary in order for us to Have what we want in life.

Transforming Step-by-Step

Achieving our goals is much more than getting what we want. It's a process of transformation that leads to wisdom and spiritual power.

It doesn't matter what problems we have. They can be solved. But to solve them means we have to grow. We have to confront, understand and do more. We have to discard old belief systems and open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and acting.

As a personal, career and relationship counselor and coach, I have always believed that whatever problems my clients were facing were blessings in disguise. I knew their desire to overcome them meant their soul wanted to grow, and that with the right guidance, they would.

Step-by-step, my clients build personal, emotional and spiritual muscles they didn't have before. They get the strength to tackle whatever obstacles are in their way.

Heroes And Heroines Of Our Own Journey

As our blocks are cleared away, and we have the training and guidance to know what to do, the natural joy of creation replaces effort. This is the energy we're going for. Joyful creation makes magic and gets things done.

I've seen it many times. It's like a door opens up and in come all kinds of wonderful gifts. Bright ideas pop up, new opportunities present themselves and synchronicities abound. Now we have the ability to make our . We have grown into the heroes and heroines of our own journey.

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