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What I Do as a Counselor and as a Coach

My mission is to help my clients achieve long-term, stable transformation and life-changing results through insightful personal work and effective action. I do this through both counseling and coaching.

The Difference Between Counseling and Coaching

When I began Judith Claire Counseling in Los Angeles in 1978, I used the term "counseling" to describe everything I did - from the deep, sacred, personal work of helping to free my clients from crippling patterns and fixed ideas, to the pragmatic, objective steps needed to succeed. Nowadays, with the proliferation of the coaching profession, I find I need to distinguish between the different actions I do and the work of a "counselor" or a "coach."

Counseling: Is first, helping my clients to find the source of their personal blocks, damaging patterns, and problems, then enabling them to free themselves from them.

Coaching: Is guiding my clients through advice, training, and the use of exceptional, practical personal, career and relationship tools.

My Career and Business Coaching, includes:

  • Identifying my clients' core values and personal mission
  • Overall strategy
  • Step-by-step planning
  • Learning specific tools and skills
  • Improving communication
  • Learning how to read and handle people better
  • Having the confidence and skill to market oneself or one's product (letters, interviews, networking, etc.)
  • Staying focused and organized
  • Sound advice and enthusiastic support

My Entertainment Coaching may also include:

  • Evaluating scripts, reels, short films, movies, etc.
  • Improving them
  • Creating new product
  • Pitching

Integrated Counseling And Coaching

Although I have clients who come for counseling, and others who come for coaching, many need a combination of both. Constructive advice and brilliant strategies are maps to nowhere if you lack the confidence or are too blocked or frightened to use them. What's needed is to get your problems out of the way so you have the conviction and drive to move forward. Likewise, even the most motivated client needs tools, training and expert advice to get the they need to succeed.

Therefore, I take a holistic approach. I see what my clients require and give it to them. This way, they get a flexible, custom-made program that addresses their needs as they arise.

Identifying Strengths

Identifying strengths as important as noting weaknesses. I am very good at understanding the hearts, minds, and spirits of the unique people in front of me, and at recognizing all they have to offer. Frequently I see their potential even better than they do. I empower my clients to use their special talents and gifts in ways that are authentic to them and that bring them deep satisfaction.

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Santa Monica, California 90405

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