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What a breakthrough! Judith far exceeded my expectations.
Dayna Hubenthal, Writer/Director, Oregon

I am hardly the same person after working with Judith Claire. . She helped me to overcome my issues surrounding sales and to connect to the core from which my writing flows and have faith in it. As a result, the book and script I am writing are better than I could have imagined and I burst with energy every day to get to them. I'm more concerned about finding the right match than selling them. What a breakthrough! Judith far exceeded my expectations.

Dayna Hubenthal, Writer/Director, Oregon

When I first contacted Judith, I was a short order cook in Atlantic City with no hope, no future. We started working together and suddenly everything in my life started to change - whoosh, I'm in New York University, whoosh, I have a Masters degree in Communications, whoosh I have this job working on the front lines on the war on terror protecting the world's information.

I have Judith to thank for opening up that part of me which could be of greater service to the world. And we did this entirely over the phone!

William Geary, Record Center Specialist, New York

I worked with Judith for five months, long distance. Like 3000 miles long distance. Over the phone, Judith was able to pinpoint the major obstacles to my professional and personal development. Although I was single, independent and very successful professionally, I longed for a sense of aliveness and vitality.

Slowly, steadily, Judith opened doors for me and led me to an openness that had previously terrorized me. In 5 months time I met a men who is loving, nurturing and secure enough not to be frightened by my power and ambition. My work has taken a slight turn toward a different direction and I am vibrating with excitement and energy. No more barriers. Thanks to Judith I am soaring. I am finally, more alive than ever.

D. S., Therapist, New Jersey

I met Judith through a small ad in the Hollywood Reporter. As an actor/screenwriter/standup comic and model, I had a lot of irons in the fire. She helped me prioritize, critiqued me and most importantly, nurtured me. She was brutally honest at times and as hard as that is to take, it was always welcomed because she was right.

As a result of our counseling, I took my sitcom IDEA to a finished pilot script and even shot it. As an actor who dreaded auditions, she helped me change my belief from "I'll never get this commercial" to "I do get commercials, so why not this one?" Now my bookings are way up. I don't know how I can ever pay her back for all her help, but I look forward to the day.

Jack Bennet, Actor, Screenwriter, Wisconsin

Judith helped me on our very first phone session and our work took off from there. Working deeply and efficiently, she zeroed in on what was blocking me. As a result, issues that were weighing me down lifted easily, giving me the energy to go after my goals and engage in life more fully and with increased joy.

I was pleasantly surprised how easily Judith creates an environment on the phone for me to focus, feel, think and move forward to experience my own greatness.

Melanie Burnett, Organizational Development Consultant, Oakland, California

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