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Working with Judith has truly been a life-changing experience.
Robin McCarthy

Working with Judith has truly been a life-changing experience. . She was able to peel away years of misplaced beliefs and get to the core of the issues that held me back in work, love, and life. Not long after, I met my wonderful husband of nearly nine years. I now have a beautiful stepdaughter, and have a job that is helping me fulfill my long-term goals.

Robin McCarthy

After only a few sessions with Judith Claire, I realized that my priority was not my professional career but was finding a soul mate. Because I had based my relationships on physical attraction, I had not allowed myself to open up, let alone recognize what I wanted, needed to look for, and, above all, needed to do.

Soon I was face-to-face with my lifelong Partner. She was far from the "type" of woman I had previously seen. We now have two beautiful children. Needless to say, my professional life has taken off as well. Judith is a life-saver!

John Flanders

While involved in a dead-end relationship, I was fortunate enough to receive Judith's counsel. She provided me with the clarity I needed to end it and, most importantly, to learn from it.

Two weeks after completing a series of exercises through which we fleshed out exactly what I wanted from a relationship and a mate, I met the love of my life! He and I were soon married and are now in our fifth year of a blissful happily-ever-after. Many thanks, Judith, for all of your support and guidance.


I came to Judith troubled by a withered sexual relationship with my wife. The rest of our relationship was withering too. Judith helped me regain my masculinity and sense of self. She helped me gather the courage and playfulness needed to open doors to Oneness that I thought were locked forever.

At a time of crisis, Judith's rare combination of loving kindness, compassion, grace, humor, tenacity, and wisdom made a big difference in my life. The results are permanent!


Working with Judith Claire has taken me from harboring many self-hating, feminine-negating beliefs and behaviors to my loving and appreciating my body in all of its curvy totality. I am continuing to progress in affirming my femininity and freely exhibiting and integrating it into all aspects of my life.

Sue Brooks

I went to Judith for career counseling, so when she suggested we work on my personal life I became skeptical. But the results amazed me. Not only did I gain greater confidence dating, but the "relationship" work helped me professionally. Now, both career goals and romantic dreams are firmly in sight and within my reach. Judith changed my life.

Thor Gold

Shortly after starting counseling with Judith, I had a blind-siding and devastating breakup that brought out my even deeper inner fear-that I would never marry and would lose out on my dream of having a family.

Working with Judith was a PROCESS - but through persistence and a lot of hard work, my heart and beingness opened. I'm happy to say, my dream has come true. I married a gorgeous young man who thinks I'm everything. I couldn't be happier.


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