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Creative Career Counseling and Coaching

Historically, walking to the "beat of a different drum" has not been greeted with universal enthusiasm. Nor does innovative thinking go over big in conservative business cultures or with conventional thinkers who do things by the numbers. Even the Arts are rife with fixed ideas on what is commercial. Finding your way out of this stifling conformity can be frustrating and painful, but oh so rewarding when you do.

Creative thinkers have the gift of being able to imagine. They have new ideas and ways of solving problems. Being creative myself, and having worked with creative people all my life, I know how to maximize these abilities.

As a creative coach, I have helped my clients solve many career problems, including:

Career Problems

  • Are in transition
  • Want to move to the next level
  • Were successful, but are now going through a lull
  • Know what you want to do but don't know how to do it
  • Need a plan
  • Need to build a network but don't know how
  • Want a promotion
  • Want a raise
  • Need to get more work
  • Finding the "right" job for you
  • Don't know how to market your product or yourself
  • Don't understand how to negotiate
  • Dealing with difficult people and environments

As a counselor, I have helped creative individuals resolve tough personal issues, which impact both their personal lives and their careers.

Personal Problems

  • Lack or loss of confidence
  • Lack or loss of purpose, drive
  • Negative patterns
  • Fear
  • Traumatized by past experiences
  • Upsets, disappointments, and losses
  • Burnt- or stressed-out
  • No time for a life

You have your gifts for a reason. They are powerful resources you can use to make your career dreams come true and create your success.

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