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Her method was pragmatic, results-oriented and offered specific steps that helped bring the life back into my work-life.
Tom, Art Director/Editorial

My career was in a tailspin. The work environment was changing fast: every day brought new waves of creative differences, toxic personalities and internecine warfare. I had no idea how to cope, but Judith did. Her method was pragmatic, results-oriented and offered specific steps that helped bring the life back into my work-life.

Tom, Art Director/Editorial

Judith's counseling has made a tremendous difference in my self-esteem and personal development. The techniques and counseling have given me the tools I needed to effect immediate and on-going improvements in my work and career as an information systems management professional. I am happier than I have ever been and am confident of my continuing success. I was able to quickly move out of a harmful work environment into a job with supportive people, more money and an opportunity for advancement. Thank you, Judith.

Barbara Thurston, Project Manager

I have worked with Judith Claire for about two years. I find her focused, articulate and thorough. She helped me develop an idea for a book and organized my thinking about writing it, while handling a full time job. Her assistance and guidance are invaluable.

Bob Dowling, Publisher, Editor In Chief, The Hollywood Reporter

Nobody is drawn to you at a party when you tell them your profession is the real estate property management business. But Judith has shown me that even us boring people can feel worthy and productive and even creative in this type of environment. Her positive comments about who I am and what my potential could be has been such a great incentive that I have sizably increased my salary, broadened the scope of my work responsibilities, found time to become a leader in community activities, and even completed the requirements for a certificate in Financial Planning at UCLA. Bring on those parties!!

Lana Sternberg, Real Estate Property Manager

In 1996, Judith Claire's excellent advice gave me the information I needed to start my research business. Since then, I've relied on Judith's always up-to-date knowledge and her very dependable insight into problems and solutions.

Sue Terry, Research Specialist

Judith pushes you beyond the obvious. She gives you a very focused and unexpected insight about where you are and need to go. Our collaboration also provided pertinent materials that I referred to later when I was considering my current position at UCLA. Her work plus a check-in session gave me all I needed to embrace the process - and the dream job of my 40-year career.

Tim Kittleson, Director, UCLA Film and Television Archive, Former Executive VP of the American Film Marketing, Association

I began seeing Judith several years ago because I felt frustrated about not being in a position to do the work I wanted to do. Judith aided me in a very practical way by helping me plan and strategize and - for me, this was very important - by working with me on personal issues that stood in the way of my ability to attain my goals. Judith helped me see more clearly the helpers and hurters in my career, a distinction that has also made a huge difference in my personal life.

Claudia Luther, Staff Writer, LA Times

Judith practices a very integrative approach to counseling. . I came to her exclusively to get out of a dating rut, but she saw I was off my creative track. She got me shooting images right away, which brought power back into my life. In the past year I've stopped identifying with so many of my self-limiting beliefs as a man and an artist, achieved the emotional health I've craved, created a new website, made more money and, yes, have a wonderful relationship.

Eric Hamburg, Photographer

Judith's unique gift is her ability to offer a potent blend of helping clients work practically in a high-powered business realm along with listening to and addressing their creative needs. She understands the creative soul. I loved working with Judith and credit her with helping me to accomplish deeply treasured dreams.

Tanna Moontaro, Artist

While I have accomplished many things in my life, I have spent 33 years searching for direction and meaning in my life and career. . I have read the best-selling books, been to the "Super Mega Power Within" seminars, and have spent hundreds of dollars on the multi-tape success programs. No results.

After just a few sessions with Judith Claire, I have written a road map for my life. It is a path to my unique dreams that contains detailed instruction for arriving at my goals. Judith helped me to see what has been right in front of my eyes. Now, all I have to do is reach. Thank you, Judith. Thank you for my life.

David Terman, Songwriter; Author; President, MasterClass Productions, Inc.

Judith understands the interconnectedness of the personal and professional aspects of our lives. My experience with her has been an enlightening process of building towards and achieving goals.

Robin Berg, Director, Curatorial Assistance Traveling Exhibitions (CATE)

I arrived at Judith Claire's office some years ago seeking to make a transition in my career at a time when my personal life was in a great turmoil. . Judith helped me refocus, gain confidence and market myself. She also helped me diagnose and resolve many personal issues, and hone my skills in dealing with others on the professional and personal front. Her sessions are much more intense than conventional therapy, and I experienced a deeper level of understanding and a dramatic sense of relief and perspective.

I still don't know all the "hand holds" I'll reach for in my professional quest but, thanks to Judith, I do know I can scale the mountain.

CHS, Author

I take my big problems to Judith Claire and only to Judith. I trust her with my soul and the souls of my dear friends and clients. She's highly skilled, on the upper end of the evolutionary scale, and is immensely loving, supportive and giving. Judith provides a safe, nurturing environment, then isolates the problem, goes deep and, together, we literally dissolve the trouble. If you have big issues that really need to be resolved, she is my number one choice for you.

Julie Ferman, Founder, Cupid's Coach

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