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Judith Claire is the reason for my success.
Linda Seger, Script Consultant, Author

Judith Claire is the reason for my success. She is brilliant, ethical, thorough, and delightful. If you want to be successful, go to Judith.

Linda Seger, Script Consultant, Author

Judith was a huge help to me when I was starting out as a producer. . I had completed my first feature but was uncertain what my next steps should be. Judith certainly gave me extremely pragmatic career advice, but she also taught me how to approach my career challenges in the context of every other aspect of my life. I learned a lot from her and highly recommend her counseling to anyone working in the entertainment industry, especially those who are making career shifts or who need to figure out how to take their success to the next level.

Eric d'Arboloff, , Co-President, Roadside Attractions; Distributor, Super Size Me (Academy Award Nominee, Best Documentary); Producer, Lovely and Amazing and Trick

I just wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for Judith. . Before I met her, marketing was this strange and painful thing that had nothing to do with my art. She helped me see I could sell what I do and still be an artist and teacher.

Judith Weston, Directing Teacher, Acting and Directing Coach, Author

Judith Claire inspires her clients with love, chutzpah, intuition, and common sense. . Whenever I have a major career move to make, I consult with Judith first.

Jim Pasternak, Writer, Director, Teacher of Film Directing

Judith Claire has been a compelling, supportive, transforming influence in my life - work and play. I was an overwhelmed, worn-out shell and I didn't know it. My creativity was stifled because I didn't know how to focus my many talents. Judith helped me discover and design a unique new business, which is flourishing... She helped me bring my own power into focus so I can make a difference (and make money doing what I love!).

Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, CEO The Script Broker

It is rare to find a force of energy and life that is absolute good, but Judith represents the best of what we all hope we can be. Judith's spirit is a beacon of hope that makes anything seem possible, her enthusiasm is intoxicating, and her insight into the dynamics of communication between people is unparalleled. Judith is a master motivator and teacher, and, most of all, I am fortunate to say, a great friend as well.

Judith Claire will change your life. I'm going to say it louder this time: JUDITH CLAIRE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Sidney Sherman, Producer, Go Tigers! (Independent Spirit Award Nominee), Amaragosa (Emmy Award Winner), and The Last Full Measure (in development: New Line Cinema)

Judith Claire's contribution has been a major benefit to me at critical points in my life and career. Through her counseling, I have made quantum leaps in my business, finances, relationships with my family and friends, and in understanding myself so that I can see what has been stopping me. Judith is generous, beautiful, insightful, and has a spunky spirit. If you're seeking to discover what's going on with you at a deep level, Judith is a wonderful guide. She's been there for me. I love her.

Melody Jackson, Smart Girls Productions

, Los Angeles Personal, Career and Relationship Counseling And Coaching.


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